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At Be Revived Dance, our mission is to teach the biblical perspective of dance and be a voice in the sacred dance movement, invoking and serving a vision of peace, community, spirituality, healing, and enjoyment through the medium of dance. We strive to ensure that everyone at our organization is a unique dancer dedicated to personal and spiritual growth and service to others. We endeavor to be unique and to be effective in the lives of our performers by ministering to them and honing their dance skills, talents, and passion.

Through our Dance Workshops and One-on-one Dance Sessions, we teach inspirational dance and focus on all aspects of wellness about the spiritual, emotional, and physical being by use of Christian tools, various resources, and knowledge on dance fashions. Located in Montgomery, AL, Be Revived Dance Company was founded in 2020 to express the spiritual-human-social-healing dimension of dance; to explore inner aspects of movement integrated with the world's spiritual resources; to bring dance into religious observances and in concert for all settings, including the liturgical framework. At Be Revived Dance, we believe in equipping inspirational dancers and liturgical dance ministries with educational tools to encourage them to dance more effectively.



Our vision is to be the leading global messengers of faith who set the standards of excellence in the inspirational and liturgical dance industry. We focus on being evangelizers who can influence and impact the lives of people, their families, and the communities surrounding them through our ministry of dance, dance lessons and workshops. We aim to produce highly respected dancers who will bring hope and opportunities to support and enhance the life of upcoming dancers throughout the communities. We also aim to help others create a lifestyle of freedom through dance.

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About the Coach and Author 

Be Revived Dance is a professional inspirational dance company made up of an interfaith group of dancers under the direction of Takeshia Hall-Humphrey, the founder. She attended Faulkner University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management in Human Resources, a Master of Justice Administration, and a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry. She also holds a Diploma in Ministry, a certification as an Active Relationship Group Facilitator, and Life Coach.

Takeshia enjoys the beauty of nature, fashion, writing, and dancing. For the last 19+ years, she has danced through some of the most challenging life situations by the grace of God and is a living testimony of how dancing can help reduce mental stress, help maintain physical fitness, and be a vehicle of ministry to others. Takeshia is enthusiastic about being a beacon of light, hope, and love to all she meets.





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